Our Shapes


We offer the right planter for every growing pot: whether in a trendy organic shape, tapered or our matching cylinder. There are high buckets for the container inserts, as well as shallower vessels for the standard growing pots.

Orchid Pots

Our orchid pots sport a fancy design. They are available in up to 4 sizes and have a ring to prevent water-logging So that your orchids bloom all year round.


We have bowls to match various pot series. These are suitable as planters and plug-in containers, be it for Christmas or for springtime decoration. Bowls for orchids complete the range.

Our structures










With diverse new structures, the products gain a unique look, are always on trend, often as if made by hand.

Our sizes

Ceramic pots from diameter 7 to 40 cm, all common sizes are available, and always matching the culture pot.

Our color range

  • Matt

    Vessels in matt colours blend into any interior and lend it a natural touch. Perfect for the popular “Scandi Style”.

  • Glossy

    Glossy colours look fresh and cheerful. For those who prefer a less colourful look, we also offer neutral shades such as black,
    grey and white glossy.

  • Powder

    White matt on the inside and delicately powdery on the outside – the harmonious colour concept for romantic style.

  • Glazed

    Glazes are characterised by their translucent property, especially beautiful on surface structures.

  • Bicolor

    The white base in combination with pastel colours makes every plant look unique.

  • Sandy

    The feel of the sandy décors in stone colours fits in perfectly with the general nature trend.

  • Nature

    Pure natural clay – that is our terracotta. At the same time, this is 100 % waterproof.

  • Stoneware

    Glaze effects are back in fashion. Our idea: stoneware grey with black dots.

  • Metal

    The metallic colours look particularly radiant and noble, not only at Christmas time, but also in a luxurious ambience.