Immerse yourself in the world of ceramics. Discover everything about our company and the GRIEBLING collections, which are
    characterised by trend-oriented designs, unique surfaces and the highest level of quality you’d expect from “Made in Germany”.

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    Tracking down the latest trends, always keeping our finger on the pulse, and transfering this into beautifully shaped vessels is
    our strength.
    We are guided by customer wishes, we seek advice from experts, explore trade fairs, trendy shops and exhibitions, both at
    home and abroad.
    In addition, we meet the rapidly growing demand for individual and stylish living areas by skilfully combining and varying colours,
    shapes and surface structures. The range is continuously being enriched with new products.

that sets standards

Quality products “Made in Germany” – this is the recipe for success on which the company’s customers and partners can rely. GRIEBLING Keramik attaches great importance to consistently high product and manufacturing quality. This is achieved with the help of a comprehensive Quality Assurance System.

The firing process ensures both high stability and durability. All planters are waterproof and have a high-quality finish based on modern coating processes. Because not only aesthetic aspects determine the value of a product, but also its functionality does. Customers and partners thus enjoy the security of always being able to offer fashionable and high-quality planters that sell successfully.


Made from earth – clays from the region are used in the production process, which are mixed with rainwater to form the plastic mass. Punching waste and dry crushed material are recycled and returned to the clay processing plant. Drying is done by heat recovery from the kilns. Energy and thus CO2 are also greatly reduced in the firing process itself using state-of-the-art technology and innovation. In the final step of colouring, we use solvent-free powders. Overspray is also recovered here. Electricity is generated from our own photovoltaic systems.

In 2022 we implemented an energy management system and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2018.

In short, the company pursues an environmentally friendly production strategy right from the start of production, all the way to the finished product. In doing so, even the most modern high-quality ceramics remain a natural product.


We use Westerwald clays from our neighbourhood.

Production in Germany

Westerwald clays have always been a guarantee for the best quality. Constant innovation also ensures continuous improvement across the board. In this way, we receive a customised mass from our supplier that meets our high-quality standards.

With the help of the most modern automatic punching machines, beautifully shaped vessels with a wide variety of surface structures are created. Continuous ovens ensure the stability and durability of our pots. Powder coating systems enable a wide colour spectrum, waterproofing with environmental friendliness included.

From product development with the help of 3D printing to the finished product, GRIEBLING Keramik always strives to be one step ahead through automation, process optimisation and innovation, and all this made in Germany.